Name: Suzutsuki Kanade 「涼月奏」
Title Series:Mayo Chiki!
Voiced by:Kitamura Eri

Career ISML Performance
2012: 28th Place Nova Division. Record: (8-0-27)

Moe Tournament Résumé
None so far

Suzutsuki Kanade has it all. She has the power and influence only money can bring. She has the smarts to make full use of her resources. She has her most precious person constantly by her side.

The world is Kanade's toy box. She can play cupid and help two of her friends get together. She can set up an elaborate hoax to clear up an old misunderstanding. She can lead a school militia to serve her needs. She can rent out a whole cafe to see an acquaintance squirm.

But the life of a chess master is never easy. The more power Kanade has at her disposal, the more difficult it is for her to keep on making the right choices. Should she strive to achieve the best possible result for all of her friends, or allow herself a bit of selfishness? Kanade's heart and conscience clash in a struggle for dominance. Will she ever be able to reconcile the two powerful forces? The question remains unanswered. After all, nobody knows what goes on behind Kanade's knowing smile.

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