Name: Oshino Shinobu 「忍野忍」
Title Series:Bakemonogatari
Voiced by:Sakamoto Maaya

Career ISML Performance
2012: 13th Place Stella Division. Record: (21-0-14)
2013: 26th Place Nova Division. Record: (11-0-24)

Moe Tournament Résumé
2010: Anime Saimoe Tournament - Round of 72
2010: Korean Best Moe - 24th Place
2012: Anime Saimoe Tournament - Round of 96
2012: Korean Best Moe - 7th Place
2013: Animefans Saimoe Tournament - Round of 16
2013: Baidu Nova Moe - Round of 32
2013: The Great Awwnime Bracket - Round of 16
2014: Anime Saimoe Tournament - Round of 192
2014: Best Girl Contest - Quarterfinalist
2014: Senpuu Saimoe Tournament - Semifinalist
2014: The Great Awwnime Bracket – 1st Place
2015: Best Girl Contest - Round of 32
2015: Miss Anime Tournament - Quarterfinalist
2015: Ore no Saimoe - Round of 16
2015: Senpuu Saimoe Tournament - Round of 16
2016: Best Girl Contest - Round of 16

There are wounds that will never heal. There are sins that will never be forgiven.

What now seems like a long time ago, Shinobu was a vampire. She attacked humans for their blood and sucked immortal monsters dry of energy. Was she evil? Was she good? Was the Shinobu of those days even Shinobu? The answers are hazy, lost in the mists of the past.

What is she now? The remains of a vampire. A literal shadow of her former self. She is free to hate and despair to her heart's content. She has plenty of time until her immortal being withers away completely. Until that day, she can only watch the world go on without her, her presence no more than a wisp of smoke.

But she might also decide to put her past grudges behind her and try to get along with the humans who brought this fate upon her, for better or for worse. At least this way, she is certain to get tasty donuts in reward for her trouble. Her dignity will be hurt if she appears to be overly friendly with mortal beings, though, so she never forgets to bemoan her tragic circumstances at any chance she gets.

While she usually takes the form of a small girl, rumor has it that she becomes quite the looker after a few gulps of fresh blood...

Past Notable Matches

ISML 2012 Regular Season: (13th Place)
Topaz 3: 2686-2645 over Tōsaka Rin (Fate/stay night)

ISML 2013 Regular Season: (26th Place)
Ruby 5: 3353-3413 to Yui (Sword Art Online)
Emerald 3: 3446-3465 to Kurasaki Fūko (Sky Raker) (Accel World)
Topaz 3: 3902-3821 over Kotegawa Yui (To LOVE-Ru)

Korea Best Moe 2012: (7th Place)
Quarterfinal: 82-125 to Kuroyukihime (Accel World)