Name: Mine Riko 「峰理子」
Title Series:Hidan no Aria
Voiced by:Ise Mariya

Career ISML Performance
2012: 29th Place Nova Division. Record: (7-0-28)

Moe Tournament Résumé
Round 1 - Japan Saimoe 2011

From her youngest days, Riko's last name was a chain binding her down. Her memories of a true family are contained within nothing more than a single memento, while her title as the fourth of her lineage follows her wherever she goes, defining her worth as a human being. Viewed as an useful tool by those interested only in her heritage, Riko is little more than a speck of dust caught up in the cogwheels of an evil organization.

But if it is the fame of her predecessors that is to blame for her misfortune, then Riko knows well enough what to do about it. She will accomplish what those before her could not, overshadow the previous generations and make a name for herself. In her case, it might mean having to take on half the world on her own, but Riko need not think twice if it is worth it. She is resourceful like few others, never pulls any punches and always keeps a trickster's smile on her face. God help anyone who wants to stand in her way.

Riko is a dangerous beauty, a famous thief in the making and a young woman trying to settle a score with her past. She has her last name to torment her and her first name to give her hope.

Past Notable Matches