Name: Ikaros 「イカロス」
Title Series:Sora no Otoshimono
Voiced by:Hayami Saori

Career ISML Performance
2010: 43rd Place. Record: (7-0-42)
2012: 26th Place Stella Division. Record: (10-0-25)

Moe Tournament Résumé
Round 2 - Japan Saimoe 2010
Round 2 - Japan Saimoe 2011
Top 96 - Korea Best Moe 2011

An angelic helper fallen from the skies, Ikaros claims she exists solely to fulfill her master's wishes. And initially, she does follow all orders given: good or evil, intentional or spoken by mistake, Ikaros does not distinguish between those. With her supernatural powers and futuristic equipment, there is no task beyond her, even if what is required is the elimination of humanity as a whole.

But despite her extraordinary capabilities, there are some things Ikaros lacks. One of those things is common sense. Not only is her comprehension ability limited to the most literal interpretations, she can also be tricked in ways no third-grader would ever fall for. She has similar trouble understanding emotions. If it pleases her master, she would do anything... but how exactly does one smile?

In the end, it seems even Ikaros is not resistant to the power of love and, sooner or later, she will have to confront the truth behind the mysterious pain in her reactor.

Past Notable Matches

ISML 2010 Regular Season: (43rd Place)
Emerald 1: 2112-2128 to Fujibayashi Ryō (Clannad)
Emerald 7: 2129-2168 to Sunohara Mei (Clannad)