Name: Fear Kubrick 「フィア・キューブリック」
Title Series:C³ - Cube x Cursed x Curious
Voiced by:Tamura Yukari

Career ISML Performance
2012: 31st Place Nova Division. Record: (6-0-29)

Moe Tournament Résumé
None so far

It is the cold and damp darkness of the most horrifying torture chamber man has ever seen. The stone walls carry sound well – the clanging of chains, the whimpers of pain and the tiny splashes of tears and blood. A low cackle announces the entrance of the small girl known as Fear, torturer and executrix, master and prisoner of this domain.

Fear earned her name through spilled blood. She crushed, cut, pierced, tore and burned in turn until her victims told everything they had to tell, and then she went on until they fell silent forever. For the first hundred or thousand times, she was just an inanimate tool. But eventually the whirlpool of human agony around her turned into a curse and gave Fear awareness and life.

Fear does not care whether she had a choice, whether she could have done anything to stop the bloodshed. Either way, she remembers everything she did. The only image she has of herself is that of a murderer.

When Fear sees the outside world for the first time, she herself is terrified. The butterflies dance in the air on their multicolored wings, the trees are pink with scattering cherry blossoms, children laugh merrily and their parents exchange proud smiles. The world is filled to brim with beautiful things, and Fear, who only knows how to kill, maim and destroy, could not possibly find her place in it.

But Fear is selfish and reckless, and that is her hope. She will grasp for the happiness she does not deserve and protect those she cannot possible save. She will choose her own destiny or fall apart like an useless piece of junk – either result suits her just fine. And if the path she rushes headlong onto does not lead her to salvation, she still has her friends to set her straight.

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